Exclusive Interview With Expert Guest Dave Kettner


0:17: Our special guest, Dave Kettner, has made millions of dollars by printing custom prints on mugs.
2:53: The reason you can run this business without worrying about saturation.
7:32: You don't have to create the inventory in advance
8:30: THIS is why this business model is very powerful.
10:54: This business runs on 35% profit margin after factoring ALL costs
15:21: Big SECRET Traffic Source
21:37: You can do this from ANYWHERE in the world.
23:18: On The Call: 4-Step Process On How To Do This Business Model, See Exactly How It's Done (Register Above)
26:00: You can make more in the last quarter of 2021 than you can in a year working full time. (Register for the workshop above)

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